Influenced and led by chance situations and a stream of consciousness, materials and work in series derive from the unplanned nature of being a passer-by. The results in extraction from daily routine and being off the beaten track allow non-precious ‘readily available’ and pedestrianized material in the form of spontaneous sentence constructions, collected found objects, photographed street detritus and recorded colour compositions to be juxtaposed into analogue and digital collages, postcard landscapes or multi layered kaleidoscopic configurations.

Between the illusions of background and foreground, motifs appear in positive and negative silhouettes, often recycled into new works for audiences to visually interpret the origin of the image before adaptions in composition lead to complex detours.

​Following a BA (Hons) in Theatre Design at Wimbledon UAL (2014), the concept of narrative and associations between neighbouring aesthetics have always been present. A chosen curiosity, takes centre stage before a series of aesthetic happenings convert its purpose, context and appreciation.

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