That couldn’t be him because he’s in Venice

 I smiled and went to wave, just enough that my muscles twitched, he walked on by ...

Conveniently lining up rubber with a gravel savaloy

Everyone was wet and unfortunate

How does a mother manage to get her child to wear prawns?






He didn’t realise it, but he held his jacket in front of every painting as if it were wet, dirty or infested

I knew those trainers, not the shoes and definitely not the glasses


I’ve lost the face

My smile was too intetogating, too wide and held for too long. His was too.

" Whose idea was the watercress? "








" Raspberry-Rolly-Coleman’s ”


Shes the daughter?


He was smothered in her cotton candy


The first time I flew with bubblegum flavoured bubblegum

Los Angeles Baked Onions


Documented text and analogue collage


Various Dimensions

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